Spay & Neuter Information


Spay & Neuter Program

 A feral cat is a "wild" cat that is not domesticated, they are like any other wild animal. These are cats whose past relatives were good old fashioned strays but that had kittens that never came in contact with humans and are now all grown up and are unable to be touched or handled. If you or your neighbors are feeding cats living in your neighborhood, it is best that you get them fixed and return them back to your neighborhood. Feral cats are usually euthanized in shelters when they don't have to be due to space and safety issues. They can live out their life in the environment they have been acustomed to surviving and living in. The right and humane thing to do is to get them fixed and keep them in the neighborhood. If you remove them, then another group of cats will eventually show up to take over the food source that may still remain. Then you will have the same problem all over again! By keeping those cats you currently have in their colony setting, they will help keep other cats from intruding on their food and remain static in size until they die off of natural causes. Over time the colony will reduce in size and no longer exist. We are at capacity with felines and require a phone call to schedule dropoffs.  All relinquished cats and kittens must be accompanied by a minimum $25 donation to help defray the food and medication costs.  If you choose to rent a humane trap from Dessin, the fee is $60 for a two-week rental.  The shelter retains $10 if the trap is returned empty; if the trap contains a cat the shelter retains $25.  Thank you in advance for your understanding!  If you have questions or concerns, please call the shelter at (570) 253-4037.  
Pet overpopulation can be controlled through effective spay/neuter habits.  Please spread the word to your friends, neighbors and community about the positive impact of responsible pet ownership.Dessin Animal Shelter IS making a Difference in Pet Overpopulation! 

Spay & Neuter Vouchers

 One female cat + One male cat = 420,000 Kittens in 7 years.

 Help STOP the multiplication by spaying and neutering your pets! Spaying and neutering your pets is the most responsible decision an owner can make. There are so many benefits behind this surgery:

  • A healthier and happier pet
  • they won't go through heat cycles
  • a major reduction in the threat of cancer
  • they will be less likely to attack people and other pets
  • they won't feel the need to get out of the fence and roam the neighborhood
  • they will less likely mark their territory
  • it will increase your pet's life expectancy


We understand that during tough economic times finding a place to spay or neuter for a reasonible price can be trying. Veterinarians that accept these vouchers are: 

  • Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic
  • Carbondale Veterinary Clinic
  • Wallenpaupack Veterinary Clinic