In Memory Of

Rainbow Bridge


 Losing a pet is the hardest thing in the world. For many they are not just pets, but family members. We are sorry for your loss. 

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of



 Snuffy Pagano  Left this world too early. Had to be put to sleep, because of cancer. He was 10 years old. Miss you love Daddy, Mommy Tyler and Molly 



  This is Monty, he past away 12-12-17 at home , 14 months after his buddy Dinky passed. Cancerous tumor at the base of his tail. He was 12. 



 This is Dinky, I had him from 8 wks old to 11 yrs old. He was like a child to me. I had to put him down 10-1-16 due to cancer



 This is Riley she was 9 and laid to rest 12-24-17 after a long fight with kidney failure. She will be greatly missed. She was a fun energetic pup with lots of love and loyalty.



 Her name was Valentine. She had a perfect white heart on her head. She had been tied up for about 2-3 years to a tree. We adopted her and she became my shadow. She passed in April, 5 years ago💗 she was the best to cuddle with. I smile a lot when I think of her💗



 This is my furbaby Coors. She was a stray who adopted us. She went over the Rainbow Bridge 4/1/2016 at 17. It broke my heart. 

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of

Hobo Heliflopper


 This is our little boy Hobo Heliflopper who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 6th, 2017. He found and adopted us over 7 years ago and we miss him everyday. Rest In Peace Hobo... 




This is Hunter. He was found roaming the woods & brought to Dessin. We fell in love and had him for 13 months until he passed away on Mother’s Day in 2015. He was an older guy but such a character.❤️🐶




 This was my Daisy the day I adopted her from Dessin almost 8 years ago, sadly I lost her 2.5 years ago. She was my best friend, I think about her every day, and I still miss her so much it hurts 💕 now she's my angel pup 💕



 This is Tiki he passed in March from cancer he was 8 years old he was a fun loving cat that loved to play with his laser lights . He missed everyday gone to soon 



 This is Plato. I found him on Craigslist after he had been declawed on all four paws. He had terrible aggression towards both animals and humans. He passed away due to liver failure from medication to help with the aggressiveness. I loved him so much even though he bit me. A lot. He was only 3 years old.



 This is my Heidi girl. My son rescued her from a shelter while he was in college. We inherited her when he went into the Army after college, and went to Afghanistan. She was the best, most friendly, and most loyal dog ever. She got cancer, and we had to end her suffering on July 3, 2016. She was 11. ❤️

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of



 This is Lady she was a loving, sweet dog. Ladywas a Dessin doggie who was devoted to us and our kitties. She was so compassionate that she worked with me in my counseling practice. Right up until the day she crossed she was trying to please me. Dr Amy Platko helped her to cross 2 years ago it was beautiful and heartbreaking. I still miss her terribly.



 This is my dog tucker he was the greatest dog that I had he had such a good 14 years of his life he loved his walks all the time and his Birthday is on the 23erd and if he was still here he would be 15 years old I miss my baby boy so much but I know he is not suffering anymore he was such a special dog and he was a Bichon 



  This is Blue. He was our beautiful, sweet and loving boy. Dr. Rutledge helped him pass peacefully in May 2017 due to complications from Lymes Disease. We miss him so much. ❤️ 



 This is my soulmate, Bailey, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 13 on March 23, 2017. Life has never been the same without her, and she will always live on in a very special place in my heart.



 Misha adopted from Griffin Pond with her litter mate Mittens. After Mittens crossed she was heartbroken and wouldn't leave my side. Felt safe with me and was so special. Was very talkative and would answer me with her sweet meows and could hear her purrs from the next room. She went into kidney failure and took care of her with iv fluids and meds. She went into heart failure and crossed the bridge at home in my arms 2/16/16 at the age of 17. We had a special connection to each other and my heart still hurts.



 Cleo ... a little stray that followed my 5 year old son home. It was the day my mom passed away, my 28th birthday 9/16/85. She crossed the bridge at 13 1/2 from cancer. She was sweet, special ... grew up with my boys 5 and 2.

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of



 This is Zoey. She was 6 years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge on 9/22/17. She suffered from kidney failure from Lymes Disease. We miss her terribly!😢❤️

Scooter Vonn


 Scooter Vonn, adopted from Dessin on October 12, 2015 while I was visiting on vacation. Scooter was only about 8&1/2 years old but had lived a brave life dealing with Canine Cushing's Disease and ultimately was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his liver and passed away on June 13, 2017. Scooter was my wild man that always kept me on my toes. The hole he has left in my heart will never be filled.



 This is my sweetheart Zena . We got her at 13 weeks old and she passed away at 13 1/2 yrs old Aug 22 2017 . Zena is the original Olde English Bulldoggie . Not one day goes by without us missing her 😢 she was there for good times , bad and when you were not well she laid with you and loved you so much . I’m crying as I’m writing this . I miss her a lot .😢🌈



 Mittens adopted from Griffin Pond along with her litter mate Misha. She was a cuddle bug. Helped her cross the bridge at 12 1/2, on my late mom's birthday 6/19/11.




This was Mouse. He was adopted in Mid January of 2017 at the age of 6. He was constantly licking and crawling into the laps of anyone.
We had originally went to dessin in search for a cat that would help bring happiness back into the life of our current cat whom had gone through extension surgeries to survive a Urinary Blockage that had happened that previous November. I remember walking around the "cat room" at Dessin when I had turned around to see a very large cat who was standing on a shelf just inches away from my face. He let me pick him up and I immediately knew he was the perfect match. When I had found out he was a senior cat, I knew that not only did our current fur baby need someone, but Mouse did too. He lived the rest of his life in the home of a loving family where he was spoiled each and every day.
In early August of this past year, Our Mouse was held and comforted during euthanization after sadly developing an expected Urinary Blockage. And although we only spent a few short months with him, we fell in love with him and all his little corks. We still hold back tears thinking of him. He is missed each and every passing day. <3

Jake & Zoie


 This princess was Zoie she passed 1-30-2016 , I bought her in 2002 from Parrots of the World a small pet shop on Long island. She was sweet and she melted your heart but ruled the roost over our 60lb Irish setter Jake whom also passed on to the rainbow bridge. Miss them both 

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of



 This is our Newman. We adopted him from Dessin in December of 2003 and sadly had to lay him to rest August of 2017. He had shared 14 wonderful years with our family and he is missed everyday. 



 This is my Seymour. I got him when he was just 4 weeks old & the runt if the litter. He grew to be 22 lbs. He was the love of my life for 10 years. Sadly I had to put him down in Aug 2013 from a tumor on his head. I still miss him terribly. 



  This is Madison, she was 12 years old. She passed away a little over a week ago 1-12-2018 from cancer. We are heartbroken, she was the best dog ever. Everyone who met her fell in love. She will be missed forever till we meet again ❤️



 My ruby she went to rainbow 🌈 bridge last April I had to help her go it was the most painful thing I had to do. She was such a sweet girl loving loyal protective I miss her so much❤️



 This is Sugar. He passed away after a fun-filled, long life. He was a grumpy old man and passed peacefully 💙



 This is Miranda sitting at the place where we buried her best friend, Allie. Sadly, they are both gone. 

Rainbow Bridge-In Memory of

Maggie & Kozmo


 My Maggie yellow lab lost her October 2010, Kozmo my black lab lost him 2014. Miss them very much. 



 This was my Lucy. She passed away a year ago. She was such a funny one.



 My beautiful Tess 



 Simon was adopted from Dessin 16 years ago. He wasn't supposed to survive puppy hood due to pneumonia and puppy parvo,but he was a fighter and he lived 15 long and wonderful years as my childhood dog and sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May 2017. We miss him so much each day! RIP sweet boy xoxo



 Luna was a shelter dog that spent 8 years with me. No dog will ever compare. 



 This is my dear sweet Chloe. She passed in September at 13 years of age. 

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of

Sir Charley


  Sir Charley my BFF crossed the bridge on Dec 22, 2017 nothing like a Catahoula when it comes to therapy!!



 This is Zoey. I adopted her from you guys in 2003 ! She was my life. My partner in crime. I sadly just laid her to rest in September. I think about her every single day. She will forever be missed.



 This is my Willow that I got from a rescue gal after a foster found her at a high kill shelter in the south. She was blind but got around great. Had to put her down 4 years ago Thanksgiving day after kidney failure. 



 This is Oliver. A stray that a neighbor took care of. She moved and Oliver became mine. It took a few years to get him in the house but finally, victory. I had the privilege of having him in my life for about 8-9 years.

Coty V


 This is my Coty V. And this is how he used to wake me up every morning. Lost him in April 2012. I am grateful for his affection and your office for helping on that difficult day. (And the complete stranger that comforted me in the parking lot when she saw me crying in my car after picking up his body.)



  My baby Dozer💔 

Rainbow Bridge- In Memory of



 This is Mox. I found him one day walking down the street. He walked right up to me and began following me. I've always wanted a white cat and he just kept following me and meowing so I decided to take him home with me. From that day on, he was my best buddy! It was just him and I for a long time. I realized quickly that I didn't choose him, he chose me. I had him for 13 wonderful years, until one day he became very sick and lethargic. It went on for about a week. I prayed with all my heart that he would go peacefully in his sleep. Every day I was convinced it was his last, but every day he was still here. It finally got to the point where I had to make the decision to put him down. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I think I'd have the strength to do it, but I knew I had to help him. I knew I had to let him go so that he could finally have peace. I miss him every day. I always will. It's been 3 years. I still miss him just as much. 



 Rosie was adopted from Dessin. She was in terrible shape. She was estimated to be 10 years old and was deaf. She passed away a little over a year after we got her on June 29, 2017. We gave her the best year she probably has had in her rough life and we miss her so much.


 I only got to spend a short 7 yrs with this little man... he was diagnosed with epilepsy very early on... but that didn’t stop him from being an absolute lover of life!