Lost & Found



 One of your worst nightmares has come true. Your pet is missing! This has never happened before. What do you do? You must act quickly! The first 24 hours can make a difference in finding your pet. 

Call and inquire:

  • Dessin Shelter - 570-253-4037

Search listings for your lost pet and post a listing of your lost pet:

  • Thunder 102 Radio
  • Missing Pet. net
  • PetFinder: Lost Pets
  • Your own Social Media Page
  • Dessin's Social Media Page

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If you do not see your pet, keep looking. Pets end up at the shelter sometimes weeks after they go missing so please never stop looking! It is always best to visit the shelter in person to see if your pet is here and put up flyers about your lost pet in your neighborhood or share on our social media pages. 

Tips for finding a lost pet:

  • For shy dogs and cats, set a humane trap near the point of escape. Contact the shelter if you need to use one. 
  • Place posters at busy intersections, veterinary clinics, and grocery and convenience stores. Posters should be eye catching (larger in size and florescent), be brief and to the point, and have a visual image.
  • Contact and leave a descriptions of your lost pet with your neighbors, mail carrier, and local landscaping crews.
  • Lost pets may hide in fear. Search all places outside, look under sheds, decks, houses, etc. Most animals are found close to home. 
  • Put out food and water in hopes that your dog or cat will return home for food. 



 What should you do with the stray pet you found?When you find a lost pet you have a couple of choices and decisions to make. You can certainly bring the pet to the Dessin Animal Shelter or to the animal control agency in the county you found them. You can also do the following:

  • Put up flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to let the person looking know you found their lost pet. 
  • Call the local radio station and report. (Stations listed below) 
  • Call Dessin and let them know that you have found a lost pet and give a thorough description of the pet and your contact information in case the owner calls. 
  • If you have tried these efforts and nobody has responded you may adopt the pet as your own after 48 hours or turn it into Dessin as a stray. 

Call and inquire:Dog Warden (Dogs Only)

  •      Jim Rickert (Wayne and Pike Counties) - 570-350-3589      
  •      Ray Smith (Susquehanna County) - 570-278-9030      

Dessin Shelter - 570-253-4037

Please note that all calls regarding wild cats or abandoned/neglected animals (such as livestock) should be directed to Marlene Metzger the PA Humane Officer.  

  • Marlene Metzger: 570-493-3377 

Post a listing for the found animal.

  • Thunder 102 Radio
  • Missing Pet.com
  • PetFinder:Lost Pets

Scroll Down to find the links for these listings