Happy Tails Photos

Ziva & Leo


 Ziva and Leo were both adopted from Dessin Animal Shelter. Leo was one of the abandoned Wal-Mart puppies and Ziva was in a bad hoarding situation, covered in fleas and underweight. Both are great dogs! They listen so well! They make mistakes but we all do! 



 Hello my name is Daisey. I'm the white beagle mix. I was adopted from Dessin Animal Shelter on Oct 5, 2012 after being rescued from a crime and hoarding incident in Newfoundland. My new Papa, Mama and sister Gracie love me very much. I love them too very much. Gracie and I are very close and cry if we're separated. My human sissy nickname me Love Bug because I like to snuggle with people. 



 This is Simon who chose us in 2007. His favorite past time activities include eating, sleeping and racing up and down the hallway at 4 AM! 



  This is Andrew! We adopted him 6 years ago! He was underweight and approximately 8! As I walked by his cage he literally stuck his paw out and called me to him!! He is an absolute joy to our lives and one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned! 

Mollie Grace


 This is Mollie Grace, who took ownership of my home in February of 2016! She is a very sweet and loving Pit Bull who enjoys food, long walks, and keeping the couch from running away. I love Mollie! 



 His name was Truffles when we adopted him. Now it’s Rocky. He is 10 or 11 now. Full of love and energy. Prefers to be outside. Thinks he is 120 lbs. he is a big part of our lives. Thank you

Happy Tails



 Hunter was adopted 2 years ago .. he is currently spoiled and loving his new home I don't know where we would be without our Hunter ! Xoxoxo



 This is Kia!! She was found in the woods in Hawley and had to have surgery to remove 109 porcupine quills! We have had her over 2 years now and couldn't imagine life without her!! 🐶❤



 This is Shadow. we adopted her in February 2009. She is a sweetheart and has helped our family raise 6 service dog puppies!

Little Man


 This is my "Little Man" Jase he was in a hoarding situation flea ridden ,worms and unhealthy coat now he is beautiful, loving, sweet as can be.I love him <3 



 Sweet Gracie! She’s so spoiled, and we love her to pieces! 



 this is my sweet annabelle. adopted from dessin 13 years ago!! she loves cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles.😳 

Happy Tails



 My Pedro! I took him in as a foster in March 2015 and he never left. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 



 This is Emmett. We adopted him after Emily Bold saved him and his brothers and sisters. He is our “little bitty baby boy” and the best snuggler ever 



 This is our Rafiki adopted 2 years ago! Me and my fiancé received him free. A kind couple who was looking when we were paid his adoption fee for us. ❤️ he’s a snuggle bug & has become our favorite pet. 



 My beautiful Molly who helped me heal from the sudden passing of Sadie. She was an owner surrender and had been there a couple months. She seemed to let me know she’d like to come home with me. She’s wonderful and our third cat from Dessin. The first we got as a kitten only a couple months old and he lived 19 years and Sadie had a heart problem and was about sevin when I got her and a year later she developed an infection. I believe she had a rough life and the time with her was a gift for me. Thanks for all you do there for the animals!!



 This is Mischa! She was known as Brownie at Dessin. She came home with us in February 2016, just in time for Valentine’s Day. She came to us as a terrified shakey little dog but has since blossomed and rules the house! She wasn’t good with dogs originally but has since found her 4-Legged cousins to be her best friends! She also has a kitty sister that she loves!



 My name is Petey, I was left on a cold morning at Dessin, the caring ppl at the shelter helped get my acl fixed, people would shy away from me cuz I'm big, some nice ppl took a chance on me, now I get to lounge around, go camping and travel... my owners are thankful for being in the right place at the right time to adopt me... 

Happy Tails



 Ellie (Phoebe) was adopted just after Christmas last year. It was told that she was in and out of the shelter for 9 months and returned several times. At first she was scared to death and it took her a long time to warm up to us. Now, She is the sweetest, most loving, cuddliest dog we could have asked for. I couldn't imagine life without her. 



 Jeffrey adopted us two years ago this December from Dessin. I went in with interest in another cat but Jeffrey chose me. He wasn’t at the shelter long and I don’t know his background. He’s now twelve years old and loves to drink from the faucet, loves kitty treats and chasing the laser pointer. He loves getting attention from everyone, every age.

Maui, Brick, & Finn


 These are my three rescues from Dessin. Maui the calico I've had for 13 years, Brick the pit/hound mix we adopted in August of 2013, and our new kitten Finn who we just adopted in July of this year. Shelter pets are the best pets! 



 This is Bean (aka Willy). He joined our family about a month ago. His canine brother and sisters have adjusted quite well to him. He is full of energy and is quite the attention seeker. He loves to be snuggled and is very spoiled.



  This is Kimber, she was adopted from Dessin at 5 months old Easter of 2015 after found wandering the streets. She's now a certified therapy dog and attends "college" level dog training classes. Her favorite pastime is being her human brothers shadow. 

Austin, Mia, & Sylvester



This is Austin Mia and Sylvester I adopted them last year in October. They were all very sick they all had worms upper respiratory infection and eye infection we fostered them for a couple of weeks and three times a day medicated them until they were healthy enough and old enough to be spayed and neutered. After that we adopted them and took them home mind you we were only coming in for one . We saw Austin which is the beige cat and Mia the multicolored Austin was hanging out in the hammock then all of a sudden somebody came out from the back with Sylvester. I could not separate the two brothers and sister so off we took all three I love them to Pieces my little fur babies.


Happy Tails



 This is Lulu. I adopted her eight years ago--she is a joy.



 This is Durango we got him from you August 2011 he’s my buddy got me out of a depression everybody loves him 

Tango, Shadow, Summer, & Bandit


 All four rescues together. Tango,shadow,summer and bandit! 

Nessy & Ace


 Our monster Nessy and our boy Ace. Both awesome Dessin dogs!



 This is Flash we got him from you 8 years ago as a puppy you can tell he leads a rough life 



 This is Louie! We adopted him in September 2004 as Colin. He just passed away last year. Was a great cat!

Happy Tails



 This is Jasper. Adopted March 2016. Jasper had been at the shelter for about 6 months having been brought in as a feral cat. He quickly became my baby. The most spoiled rotten, sweetest cat ever.



 This is Max. He was one of Sissy’s puppies. He is very loved.



 Shiloh was adopted from Dessin Animal Shelter on May 10, 2017. She is the best pup! So loyal and friendly. She made our family, and our Homestead complete. ❤ We are so lucky that she chose us!



 This is Cookie. We adopted him in the summer of 2011. When we walked into the shelter that day my oldest daughter saw this little black and white kitten and she instantly knew he was the one she wanted. Cookie now has a feline sister and brother. He is an awesome hunter and has left us many gifts on our deck. He also goes on walks with my daughters down the road and back home. But the best thing about Cookie is his snuggles and kisses. We love him so much! ❤️😸 

Thermy & Waggy


 Thermy and Waggy Jones. Both adopted from Dessin at different times. They love to wrestle and play with each other and are avid squirrel hunters. Both are Poms but very different personalities. Waggy loves to play fetch and get belly rubs. Thermy loves to bite butts and be cozy. They are AWESOME! Dessin did a great job picking them just for me <3 



 This is Uther-Twain. The u is pronounced like "oo" in tooth, after Uther Pendragon, King Arthur's father. Twain as you can see is obvious from my fur baby's long white whiskers much like the mustache of Mark Twain. Uther, in old Welsh means Terrible. So you have Terrible Twain😉 This suits him well because he was brought in to Dessin as a feral kitten. He has been my baby for 20 years this January. He's still as much of a rip as he was as a kitten he just sleeps a lot more.💓 

Happy Tails



 This is Kodie (formerly Kahlilah) adopted February 2016 - she is full of personality (mostly sass) and love for everyone she meets. She loves to howl and sing and talk to us, and loves treats from Three Dog Bakery. She is definitely our little angel and has made our lives so much more interesting and fun! 



 We got this sweet girl from Dessin in March of 2016. Rey tries to make sure all the people around her are always happy and comforts anyone who's even slightly upset. One of the best snugglers out there and routinely gets extra munchkins from Dunkin because she's just too cute 🙂 

Ever & Elsabeth


 Ever and Elsabeth were adopted from Dessin in 2014. Ever is “Mr. Social” and greets everyone who walks through the door. Elsabeth is a bit more timid but also very sweet. We love having them as part of our family! 



 This is Finn. We adopted him in September. He is 7 years old and the sweetest boy ever. He loves playing with his brother, Charlie, and will play with his squeakie toys for hours on end!

Grace & Squirt


 Grace and Squirt ....
I started out fostering Evelyn( Grace ) and her little ones ....
they make lots of people's day when I allow them in my salon area !!! 



 This is Jet, adopted as a puppy in March in 2012. He was the fat and fluffy guy in the litter. He is a big baby and we love him to pieces!❤️

Happy Tails



 This is Timmy, a sweet little Puggle that we adopted in June 2015. He was surrendered because of health problems of his previous owners. He loves going on trips with us in our RV. He is full of love and makes out lives joyful.



 This is Bubba but his name was Lancelot when he was adopted. He is loved very much and is spoiled rotten by his mommy and sister.

Irish & Creme


 Irish and Creme (nora and carol shelter names)



 This is Bootzy aka Sham (his name at adoption). He joined us on April fools day 2016. Bootzy loves boxes and this is his most popular pose 😻 



 Our Little Man Sammy! Adopted in 1999 and lived to be almost 16 years old! We miss him every day.




Ella adopted 2012. She is our crazy little princess ❤


Happy Tails



 Leila our love 💕




Kelsey, Sasha, & Savannah


 Kelsey, Sasha, Savannah 



 Here is Mia with my son. She will be 13 on December 15th! I adopted her from Dessin when she was 8 weeks old in 2005. She was my first child. She's endured 2 knee surgeries and just had a cancerous tumor removed from her leg this year. The love I have for this pup is unexplainable. She has and will forever be my first child. Life with her has been so incredible and I'm forever thankful for being able to adopt her from Dessin. I pray we have a few more great years together.



 This is Cooper, adopted from Dessin over 5 years ago! He has a little more gray now... 😉. He is the BEST dog we've ever had! So loyal and loving! He enjoys fetching his "squirrel" toy, going for walks in the woods and being anywhere we are! We were blessed with him!! ❤️🐾 

Happy Tails



 This was Timmons. He was hit and killed this summer and we are just devastated! We adopted him and our other cat: Matty at the same time from Dessin in 2012. Timmons was an amazing cat! I felt like he was human! We miss him so much!



 This is my sweet boy Matty. He is the biggest LOVEY SMOOSH ever!! He picked me when we went to Dessin to pick up another cat; Timmons, we had seen online. Both Timmons and Matty came home with us. They were both older cats already and now Matty is just the most loveable cat ever!! 



 My name is Lucky. I was adopted in summer 2014 and have made my parents the happiest people. I am the best dog ever and spend most of my days curled up on the couch, but must have my daily walk! Last year my parents brought home this tiny human. I wasn't sure at first, but now she gives me food and let's me kiss her so I love her!



 This is Daisy. She had a rough time before she came into my life but now she is living the dream with plenty of room to run and lots of love and attention. She is a sweet girl and has brought so much joy into my life. Thank you so much! 



 This is Spike. He crossed the rainbow bridge almost two years ago and was the best childhood friend I, as an only child, could have asked for. The sweetest boy who loved getting pet and adored everyone he met♥️ 



 This is Bob, Abby rescued him a little over a year ago. He was 25 lbs then and could barely walk. He is now only 20lbs and walking great. He can even jump up on her bed now. 

Happy Tails



 This is my crazy girl Ellie...got her as a foster from Dessin the day after Christmas 2016...she never left! Ellie makes me laugh every single day ❤️ she is the best snuggler and her face melts my heart! She is an expert at removing ANY stuffing from a toy, pillow or bed! She will also kill any squeaker she hears! I love her to pieces and can't imagine my life without her ❤️🐾 



 This is Mike. He was Bon Bon when we adopted him but there was a name change by the majority here. We’ve had him for a year. He is my dream lap cat. He has 4 teeth so he’s a very little threat to anyone yet no mouse gets out alive! Bonus points for Mike! I adore this sweet boy. 

Roscoe & Duke


 Left is our Roscoe boy adopted on 10/24/15. He is a love always wagging his nubby tail waiting to curl up with you. Right is Duke (Deacon) adopted on 10/19/17. He is a giant lap dog who just loves some loving! Our hearts were stolen the minute we met them both! 💕 



 Chewbacca was rescued almost 2 years ago . He is the sweetest dog I have ever met and has been a blessing for our family . He loves to play with his two brothers and loves his cat friends too . He gives kisses to everyone he meets ...

Toonces "Oopee"


 This is Toonces "Oopee" Stalzer. He was adopted from Dessin in 1990 when he was 8 weeks old. He earned his name because he loved to ride in the car, and he HAD to be in the driver's lap! Oopee was also leash trained, And would frequently accompany me to the pet store where he would walk around and greet all the dogs, or ride in the children's seat of the shipping cart. ☺ My favorite Oopee story was the time I took him to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa, and it was basically him and a bunch of dogs, and everyone thought he was amazing for being so cool with that! He was my best friend for 17 years, and although he's been gone for 10 and I live on the other side of the country now, I am eternally grateful to Dessin and will support them for life! 💜💜💜 



 Here is our Luna (Roxy). We adopted her 2 years ago. She loves people and her dog sister Meeka. She is spunky and loves to be our shadow.

Happy Tails

Luna & Louie


 Uncle Knick knack and Ireland now Luna and Louie were adopted little over 2 months ago. They are crazy energetic loving kitty’s that we love and also love each other very much. ♥️



 This is Spencer! He was found roaming around Spencer's Printing and brought to Dessin. I adopted him November 3, 2017. He is the most affectionate cat! His favorite thing to do is cuddle. The closer you hold him, the happier he is! If you arent paying attention to him, he will grab your hand (gently) with his paw and pull it towards him! He has been such a blessing in my life. 




This is SoFar. She choose me by jumping on my shoulders and riding me as I took the tour of the Cat Room. She is a really sweet cat and a ball full of purrs. I love her deeply. The funny thing is, after five+ years of sharing our lives together, she has never showed anymore interest in climbing on my shoulders. She is content to be a lap cat.😊




 This is Bentley (formerly Sydney). He was adopted from Dessin about 3 years ago this March. We were told he came in with his mother and brother (they were already adopted or we probably would have three dogs today lol). This guy is the best! 

Pablo & Penny


 Meet Pablo on the left adopted 7+ years ago. He was from a hoarder situation. He was about 3 years old and so skinny! He is such a loving dog. That's Penny on the right, she is also a rescue, I found on Petfinder. 

Skittles Renee


 Skittles Renee, our special tiger with extra toes, was adopted from Dessin in January 2016 and rules over our special Dessin doggies Shelby Jean and Amber Rose. What a team they are! Shelby Jean and Amber Rose are pictured separately at the request of the cat. 

Happy Tails

Amber Rose & Shelby Jean


 This is Amber Rose, a senior girl, who joined our family this November 2017, receiving a kiss on adoption day from her sister Shelby Jean whom we adopted in November 2016. Not pictured is our Dessin kitty Skittles Renee adopted in January 2016.



 Meet Oswald, adopted in August 2017. He is a very friendly and loving 2 year old, who loves his new home! We are very happy to have him as a part of our family. Thank you Dessin. 

Ivy & Ruby


 This is Ivy and Ruby, a mother and daughter pair who are entirely too sweet and mischievous for their own good. Adopted in July and August 2017. 



 This is Ozzy, a beagle mix we adopted @8 weeks from Dessin in February 2013. We were told he would grow to 25-30 lbs. Ozzy turns 5 on Sunday and is a 65 lb hound 🐶❤️ 



 We added Chloe the Cat to our family a few years ago. She chose US by grabbing the hood of my husband’s jacket! 

Sarge & Ginger


 Sarge (aka Major, Min Pin adopted 2010) and Ginger (aka Suzy, Pug/Chihuahua mix adopted 2009) enjoying the summer sun. 

Happy Tails



 This is Hickory! We adopted him 10 years ago! He’s the best cat ever!! 



 Our spoiled model, Lila. She loves to take naps in bags and under pillows, and she sprints to greet anyone that has been gone for more than 10 minutes. At 5 months old, she’s already learned the commands sit and down. Her favorite pastime is chewing cords (still working on that one...)



 Here is our baby Henry. We adopted him from Dessin in March 2012 & don’t know what we would do without our little guy! ❤️



 Levi, the cat all snuggled in his blankets like he loves to be, he was adopted in 2015 



 This is Cookie. We adopted her 4 yrs ago and she's been a big part of our family ever since ❤ 



 Orion came home with us October 2014. He's a mighty mouse hunter and he loves to shake paws and give high fives. 

Happy Tails



 Pearl - Adopted from Dessin this summer and now we can’t imagine life without her 



 My name is Nicholas, I was adopted from Dessin at Christmas 2013.
Named after the great St. Nick himself! 



 Douglas ❤️. Rescued with 40+ other beagles - he's 5 now - he's my baby ❤️

Brandy & Bud


 Adopted Brandy, our dog and Bud or cat from the Dessin. Love them both so much!! 



 This is tobey!! We adopted him about 2 years ago. He is such a cuddler and is such a baby. I can not imagine our life without him.



 this is our old lady Sheeba, who we adopted November 11, 2011. she was 11 years old when we brought her home, half bald from stress, underweight, and terrified of everything. for the first few months we thought she simply didn't know how to bark, because we never heard a peep out of her. today shes a spry 17 year old spoiled brat, and we love her despite it :P she barks at us when she want things, snores like a bear, and has more energy than we do most days. her favorite things are naps and food, although its a toss up between which takes the top spot. im forever thankful to have brought her home and into our family...even when she eats the kitchen towels.

Happy Tails

Jynx & Schmoopie


 Jynx (formerly Karate) under the watchful eye of Schmoopie the wonder dog 😁 



 This is Raven. We adopted her about a 1 1/2 years ago. She is the light of our life❤ 



 This is Baxter, I adopted him in the Spring of 2012 and has been my little spoiled rockstar....along with his puggle sister Lily. He (I think) was the runt of his 7 brother litter, but he has a HUGE personality and plenty of energy. He is a little gentleman sir with his coat as he is always dressed in his brindle tuxedo, he chases squirrels and loves to play outside! Thank you everyone at Dessin who made this one happy family! 

Rose & Rocky


 I adopted Rosie (right) in February 2009 when she was 4 and 35 lbs overweight due to what she had been fed by her previous owner who abandoned her in a foreclosed house. She was the first dog I saw at Dessin and it was love at first sight. Rocky (left) joined us that September when he was 2 and 25 lbs underweight because he had been a long-term stray. All these years later he is still OCBFD - Obsessive Compulsive Ball Fetch Dog, and Rosie is the watch dog. I don't know what I'd do without them. 💕



 We adoped Gypsy who is now called Annabelle on October 16, 2015. She is definitely loved and my childrens cat!!! I would adopt from Dessin again in a heart beat.... 



 Tuck soon after we adopted him from Dessin in 2008 and how he looks today. I remember he had just been moved into the adult cat room. When we walked in he immediately rubbed against the cage door and in the process he stepped on his food bowl and it spilled all over. He's still spilling his bowls but now it's mostly the water bowl.

Happy Tails



 This is Willow we adopted her in 2010! Her name at the time was Ginger but we decided to change it!! She is an amazing escape artist and loves children especially her best friend Skout !

Raven & Zoey


 So here are my 2 Dessin animals, Raven & Zoey. They are both about 1 1/2 years old and get along famously. Raven is a purebred Newfoundland so you just never know what you will find at an animal shelter. 



 September I came into Dessin with my 4 yr old granddaughter. As we entered the kitty rooms I told her lets stand still and see who chooses us. Well this most beautiful long hair calico came to us and I was instantly smitten with her. I have renamed her Callie and she is the most wonderful cat I have ever had. She is smart. Beautiful, playful and the best companion. Thank you Dessin. 

Koo Koo


 Here's Koo Koo. Adopted in 2013 at 9 months old. He actually picked me and followed me around, so brought him home. He likes to run around and chase his tail. 



  Oscar. Picked up as a stray, every single rib completely visible. We arrived on his intake day, about 15ish years ago, and fell in love instantly. As skinny as he was, he was the most gentle dog in the world. No aggression with food, toys, loved every animal and human he met. Oscar passed about a year and a half ago. But he was an amazing and loving boy (and a little chunky, we overcompensated, lol) 



 Cody was adopted from Dessin Animal Shelter 11yrs ago. He climbed over all of his brothers and sisters to bark at me. Right then I knew he was the one. He was a very smart and loving boy. He loved his walks (and I loved walking with him)and swimming in the river. He was my bestest bud and missed by many. Several months ago he crossed the rainbow bridge due to complications from diabetes. Thank you Dessin for being there. If not I'd miss loving this handsome boy. On his birthday Christmas Eve he'd be 11. 

Happy Tails



 This is Rexie, when we adopted him in March he had bad skin allergies and barely any hair on his body. Thanks to diet changes and special daily baths with meds he now has hair and is a very great and special addition to our family. 



 Adopted Emmett as a puppy from Dessin. He will be 7 years old December 9 . Hes so much fun and so spoiled. We all love him and his quirky ways. 



  Aragon...he lived almost 13 years❤❤ he was born December 10th...amazing dog...miss him more and more each day....the top picture is his last day with us..the kids saying goodbye💔😢💔😢



 Our girl Kiera...Adopted her at 7 mos. Old.Her owner passed away. She's a Jack Russell, now she's 4 yrs.old.We love her to pieces!!!Adopt,don't shop😊 



 Smokey was a stray. He just loves to be in your lap and get petted. Has all t h e love to give. Just happy t o be petted and tolerates the kittens that try to play with his tail and feet. 



 This is William! We adopted him about 7 years ago and he will be 8 year old in March. He loves to sunbathe on the patio, go for long walks, and hates bath time! We are so blessed to have this bundle of joy in our home ❤️ 

Happy Tails



 This is Annabelle, formerly known as Mariana. She picked me 2 years ago today (12/7/17) when I went to Dessin looking for a cat with whom I could bond. She was among the cats who had been there the longest. She is very bright and enjoys cuddling, playing with her toys, napping in her bed, and inspecting the Christmas tree. 



 Jack. Adopted March 2014 when he was 4 years old. He’s my shadow, a love bug and is spoiled endlessly. Usually sleeps under the covers and not on them. ❤️ 



 This is Lucy, aka Lu Lu, adopted five and a half years ago. She was the first cat my husband and I adopted after getting married--he had never had a cat before in his life. He let me adopt Lucy with the promise that the man cave would be off-limits. The first night we had her, he was in the man cave with the door closed and heard a quiet scratching at the door. It was Lu Lu. He let her in--it was just supposed to be one time--and now the two of them are best buds. He is her favorite person in the whole world, and I have her to thank for turning him into a cat person! 

Peanut & Bailey


 These are our "babies," Peanut and Bailey (they're quite full grown now!). They are a sister and brother, adopted about a year and a half ago. They love each other a ton and get along well with their two older "sisters." Peanut's favorite thing in the world is food. She will try to steal the dinner off your plate. Bailey loves to play and cuddle with his humans. They are very good mousers (I wish I didn't have to find that out). They have another brother and sister, Nemo and Dory, who were adopted out to wonderful families. I wonder if they grew up to be as big as these two 🙂



 Our sweet Nala, adopted her this past summer. She was brought in as a stray estimated to be a year old. She now rules her home ❤ 

Piper & Delilah


 Piper and Delilah both adopted from Dessin! They both love to play with our two horses and do anything outside- swimming, hiking, etc.! Mostly they just like to play and cuddle with one another and with our cat, Monkey who was also adopted from Dessin. 

Happy Tails



 Our sweet Cosmo. We adopted him in December of 2003. He just turned 14! ❤️ 



Hayley Petsche and I love our Peanut. ❤️ He'll be 7 in February 



 Church, adopted August 2015 as an 8 week old kitten. 



 Cleo adopted at 8 years of age. Working hard on basic commands and routing out varmints when she is not lounging in the living room. Many thanks to Nina at Happy Paws for the support.



 Otis the Puggle. We adopted him about 2 &1/2 Years ago. We love Otis even though he still acts like a puppy. 



 Livvy adopted as Olivia she is now three years old and such an adorable character