Happy Tails


 Here's Chester, adopted in 2013 when he was 5 years old. He's everyone's guardian and acts like a big brother ... even though he's not.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea!


 This is Luna, aka Poof Poof, adopted four years ago. She is super poofy and really smart. She learns how to use new things really quickly. She's also very brave. She's usually the only cat who will dare come downstairs when company is over. She loves hanging out on the screened-in porch and intimidating the next door neighbor's little dog. She also loves playing hide and seek with her new adopted brother Bailey. She has the sharpest claws in the world paired with the fastest reflexes, so you want to be on her good side!


 This is Sunny, we adopted her from dessin in the spring and we absolutely love having her in our lives! 


 Here's Cali a 145lb gentle giant. 


 Our sweet Princess Sophia (formerly Sasha) lives the pampered life as an indoor cat. Sophia has been a part of our family since September 2016 and we couldn't imagine our home without her. Although blind in her right eye from an untreated infection while with her previous owner, she never lets her disability stand in her way! #adoptdontshop

Happy Tails


 This is Jynx (originally Karate), who was adopted from the shelter in October of this year. She made herself at home immediately, aND she fits right into our silly, loving home. She's best friends with my big, lovable dog, and I can always find the two of them getting into some kind of trouble together. Thank you, Dessin!


 This is our sweet cat, Sullivan. He was adopted as a kitten from Dessin in 2001 and has been bringing much happiness to our family ever since!


 Jack adopted in November 2010. He’s so sweet and lovable. He loves to cuddle and be warm. When we came to look at kittens at Dessin, he picked us. He stood out by getting our attention and we could not be happier he did. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family for seven years now. He’s very happy being our sweet lap cat. His favorite thing is chicken.


 Kiki adopted September 2017 (fka Stella). She is a sweet kitten who loves nothing more than to play with her toys. She especially loves her play tunnels and play mice. She is a little devilish and very curious as we often find her in places she does not belong. She is definitely like having a toddler in the house. She also loves to eat, she gets so excited at dinner time when we give the cats their wet food. The cutest part about her is that she can’t quite meow, she squeaks. So we’ve cutely nicknamed her squeaky Kiki. 


 This is Arlen. He just turned 10. He was adopted from Dessin as a kitten. He has turned into a beautiful long hair cat who just loves attention. Arlen is a big kitty who is laid back and loves people. He is king of the pad. 


 This is Lena, adopted just this past summer as pup! She now rules the roost and likes to sleep in high awkward places. I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️she keeps life interesting to see what mischief she gets into each day! Thanks Dessin!! ☺️ 

Happy Tails


 We adopted Marley 8 1/2 years ago. She is the sweetest dog! I think she truly believes she’s part human!! Hands down one of the best dogs a family could have! 

Summer & Tango

 This is summer and tango.summer adopted in September along with bandit.tango adopted last year from dessin. True lovers! 


 This is shadow. Adopted two years ago.home with his adolted brothers tango,bandit and sister summer. 

Jack, Jason, & Susie

 This is Jack the pug (not shelter) and Jason and Susie...having a Netflix day. Both cats were adopted last year. 


   This is Bandit.adopted in September. To his forever home with three other rescues. 

Khloe & Maple

 These two sleepy kitties are Khloe & Maple! Khloe was adopted from Dessin in May 2017 and Maple was adopted in November 2017! They just became the best of friends and they really enjoy playing with each other & taking naps together!! Khloe is teaching her baby sister everything she needs to know, they really do love and take care of each other! So grateful for them!

Happy Tails


 Gemma, aka Jelly, 6 yrs old. Adopted 4 years ago. Loves, loves LOVEs to play fetch and sleep! And her "sister" Peeps. 


 Willie the sofa snake. We adopted Willie when he was ten years old. He is the most devoted dog I have ever known. I love him with all my heart and I’m pretty sure the feelings are mutual! 


 Nutmeg, adopted 4 yrs ago. She loves her dogs and this Christmas tree!


 This is my dad's dog, Sophie, (adopted 2013) the day he brought her home. She has a long tail but was wagging it so fast the camera didn't pick it up. She's my dad's best friend and even helped him welcome another dog (adopted at the humane society) into their home last year. 


 Sasha, now known as Peeps 4 yrs old. Adopted 4 years ago. Loves to sleep. All the time. And her sister, Jelly. 


 My kitty, Basil (adopted September 2016) snuggled up with her dog sister. Basil is the friendliest, most loving cat on Earth! She is obsessed with hair ties and will fetch them like a dog. She also loves cuddling and belly rubs 💚 

Happy Tails


 I adopted Molly in Nov 2015. She's the sweetest cat I've ever had. She loves to give kisses . Here she is playing peek a boo. 


 Kari Politkowski and I adopted Cullan Dog almost 8 years ago. He is now treated daily for seizures and recently had a bunch of cysts removed. He is the best dog ever. When he was younger, I successfully trained him to fetch a beer from the fridge for me! 


I adopted Zeek about 6 months ago! He was the oldest dog at the shelter (approximately 15) and I knew that I had to bring him home. Since then, he has spent a lot of time napping curled up in one of his many blankets that all over my apartment!


Hunter loves his forever home and we love him. No more meds and he is doing great!!!


 We adopted Shelby( on the left) from Dessin on 12/27. She fits right in with Zoey and Ruby. She's a big playful pup.


 We adopted Franklin (formerly "Tiger") on October 13th, 2017. He is extremely sweet and has fit in very well with our family. He is also down to 20.5 pounds in the last three months, with eyes on being at a healthy weight later this year!

Happy Tails


 We adopted Emma (formerly Camilla) last march! She is such a sweetheart! we love her so much!


 We adopted our sweet cookie at the end of summer and she has been a wonderful addition to our family ❤️🍪