Foster Program


 Our shelter could not survive without foster parents. Because we have generous foster parents ready and willing to provide temporary houseing and lots of love, we are able to rescue many animals in the knick of time. We take pride in having a large success rate for adoptions. Some of our animals when they come to us are not ready for immediate adoption when they arrive. For some dogs and cats, a foster home offers the extension of much needed time to socialize and to receive in home behavioral modification training before they can be adopted into forever homes. We believe that a healthy mind and structure is the foundation of a stable and adoptable pet. Our foster program allows our shelter to care for more dogs and cats by expanding our resources such as time and space as well as help relieve the financial strain on the shelter. We are not for profit and receive no government funding. Our shelter solely relies on the generosity of sponsors and donators. Why Foster?A few shelter animals may need a little extra time, socialization, and TLC before placement in their forever homes. For some, a foster home is just another option for a pet that needs a little one on one time or extra medical care. We often have cruelty cases recovering from illness or injury before they can be adopted. The amount of time a pet may need to be fostered varies. Depending on the pet, the time can range from one week to several months. Of course with fostering there are some challenges, but we will be there to help you through any bumps in the road you encounter. To be a foster parent we ask that you can provide the following responsibilities

  • Feed, medicate, groom and train if needed
  • Ensure the safety of this pet 
  • Provide a nurturing and caring environment
  • Observe and report changes
  • Love unconditionally
  • All personal pets of the foster parent must have UTD vaccinations
  • In case of an emergency please notify Dessin first 
  • Allow Dessin staff to visit the pet upon request
  • Support Dessin
  • Most importantly let us know if you need help

The foster family must understand that Dessin has legal ownership of the pet while in foster care and all potential adopters must go through the shelter adoption process. We provide:

  • Emergency and routine medical care - at no cost to you
  • We provide essential supplies, collars, leash, id tag
  • We let the public know that your foster pet is looking for a home by posting on our website, facebook, and petfinder.
  • We hold adoption events

Is Fostering for You? 

Fostering is a rewarding experience that requires a real commitment and is not suitable for everyone. The emotional attachment that naturally occurs can make it difficult to see the fostered animal go to his or her new forever home. This should be discussed with all family members in the household prior to applying. There can also be a financial obligation such as food, treats, and toys. The most gratifying part of fostering a shelter animal , is knowing you played a tremendous and crucial role in helping them find a forever home. Your goal as a foster parent should be to give the best care possible. There is nothing like comparing the "before" pictures of your foster dog or cat in the shelter with the "after" pictures of his/her new home. For more information about the  program and request the fostering forms, please contact the shelter (570) 253-4037.